General Information
The 2017 “Wings of Freedom” tour stop at Westminster has come to a close. The event was another success thanks to everyone who attended. We will return in October 2018. Please use our Contact Us page for more info.

The “Wings of Freedom” would like to thank:

“Win-A-Ride” raffle winners for Bomber Flights are tickets # 0752 and # 0864


Henry G. Erck III
Henry G. Erck Jr.
Dennis Gore Jr.

Hangar Dance Coordinator

Dennis Gore Jr.

Staff Members

Allen Huddleston
Steve Fick
Lori Erck
Ruth Erck


Ken Menut
Dale & Lynda Brown
CAP cadets (35)


B-17 Pilot-381st BG: Jack Goldstein


German: Larry Williams & Ken Hunt
British: David Coe & Family
American: Jim Beutel
American: Christine Lurk
Marines: Craig Singhaus


Days Inn motel
Enterprise rental
VFW Post 467
Finch Services

For Info, Contact: HENRY G. ERCK III 410-688-7412
For Rides, Contact: The Collings Foundation 1-800-568-8924